A Little About Me
Name: Tami
Nicknames: Tam, Imat, Mom, Gramma, Hey You ;)
Live: Ammon, Idaho - USA
Birth Date: January 13th, Capricorn
Hobbies: Computer Graphics, Reading, Bike Riding, Crocheting, Playing on my iPad and Spending Time With My Family
Favorite Color: PINK!
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Food: Chocolate! Oh wait.. food.. Mexican!
Other: I also love Teddy Bears - Both graphics and the soft, cuddly ones. I love Country/Primitive Decor. I love Life!
In January 2019, we had a challenge to make a card set all "about me". The results and meaning of each card is below.

1. I love teddy bears and have many throughout my house. They're also my favorite thing to draw.
2. I love flowers - my favorite is probably orchids.
3. I love to read.
4. I love chocolate! Yum!
5. Fall is my favorite time of year.
6. I love to ride my bike.
7. I love crocheting although I haven't done much of it lately.
8. I am a Diet Coke Fiend lol
9. I love hearts. They're so pretty!
10. I love my computer and working with pixels and of course, the friends I've made because of it!