Welcome to my April Bingo

Sylvia always does a great job for our Bingo. This month, we had to do the following:

1. You'll have to do the Challenge provided by Beth (will be sent later)
2. You'll have to make the earth day event provided by Claudia (will be sent later)
3. you'll have to make an easter quilt provided by me.
4. You'll have to find all the eggs hidden on Tami's and Euri's sites
5. You'll have to win at least 2 certis from games proposed by the members on their sites
 6. You'll have to make the easter quilt provided by Claudia
7. You'll have to participate to the lotto provided by Inger
8. You'll have to collect at least 5 mastercards
9. ou'll have to do the easter ride provided by Inger

Quilt Squares are below Bingo Card