Welcome to my Collaborations and Teamwork Sets Page

Up until now, I haven't saved sample images of the teamwork and collab sets I've taken part in but as of January 2020, I will from now on! Most recent will be on top.


I made cards 02 and 08

I made cards 06 and 09

I made cards 15 and 19

I made card 16

I made cards 05 and 09

I made cards 05 and 10... just a fun and silly card teamwork we did :)

I made card 02 in this cupcake collaboration set.

I made card 02 in this Extraterrestrial set

We were all thrilled to read the news that Inger beat her cancer! So a few of us made this card set for her! I made cards 31, 36 and 40.

A few of us made this cute set below for Panda Day in May 2020. I made cards 5 and 10

April 18, 2020
Inger came up with the best idea of doing a Corona Virus card set ;) I love it. I did the toilet paper and stethoscope cards :)

Orella got this going and only three of us took part, but it made me realize that sadly, there are not enough Christian graphics available. I need to make some for sure :) I love how this set turned out though!
April 10, 2020

Darlene and I decided to do another collab together :)
March 18, 2020

Teddy Set Feb 2020
This was just for fun. Felt like doing a Teddy Collab set so I made the template and a few of us put this together!

Penguin Day Feb 2020

Collab Set Darlene and I decided to do together.
Jan 28, 2020