Welcome to my February 2020 Challenge

I was in charge of the challenge this month. It was a fun one to come up with :)

First, go here and draw/color yourself a chocoate or two or three! You can use the exact colors they use or use your own. You can copy theirs pixel for pixel or change it up a bit. You choose!

Part 1 - Use at least one of your chocolates and fill our heart shape candy box. You're welcome to use any other chocolates and goodies that you might have. You can add a character with it or whatever you want to do. Make this in to an adoption for all of us to collect. You can put a phrase/quote on it if you want but it's not required :)

Part 2 - Then, make a quilt square! Again, please use at least one chocolate you made but anything else you want to add is great! You can use the candy box if you want or something different.

Part 3 - Last, make a Valentine card set. Again, use at least one of the chocolates you made! If you'd rather just do it chocolates/candy/goodies and not make it Valentines  then use the "Theme" category. I made mine Valentines!

Here's everyone else's beautiful goodies: